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I Correct Your Grammar @grammarcorrecter941

I Correct Your Grammar grammarcorrecter941
  • bio: I correct your grammar! Follow back if you are 😎I will follow everyone back, starting 9/15/13
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I am here to correct your grammar!

I am here to correct your grammar!

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  • @holly1thewanted (634 dni)
    @sultanghoul it says starting on the 9/15/13 and there is no 15 month
  • @nemoshoutouts (631 dni)
    @holly1thewanted In Europe it is day/month/year, but in America it is month/day/year. Hope I helped :)
  • @rpdr8 (629 dni)
    @ppastors I don't own this account but since you commented on this pic... If you say "any" you need to make "title or diploma" plural. So you mean to say "have you got any titles or diplomas?"
  • @saeshore (597 dni)
  • @rima3amer (556 dni)
    Where r u from?
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